White radish beef dumplings

Although the winter solstice custom of eating dumplings, but for Chinese people, every day can eat dumplings, which is the custom of our country. Today a change of taste, along with recipes to cook Xiaobian “white radish beef dumplings,” so that at any time this fall radishes on the table.



Raw materials:
Beef 1000 g, 1000 g of white radish, green onions 3, ginger, meat tenderizer powder 5 grams (can also use baking soda instead, but the amount can be halved oh), salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, dumplings sauce, sesame oil, vegetable oil.
1, bovine meat, with meat tenderizer powder, cooking wine, vegetable oil and mix well after standing for about 40 minutes.
2, ginger cut foam, beef Riga 250 grams ginger foam and water and mix well.
3, white radish wash, rub into filaments, into the boiling pot cooked fish. Hand out water, put a knife to chop fine menu board.
4 green onions cut fine.
5, add ground beef radish grain, large diced green onion, then add salt, spices dumplings, soy sauce, sesame oil and mix well Serve.


Production process dumplings and dumpling dough (no pictures, oh, it is estimated we will, I’ll text description about it):
1, the flour with addition of water and stir until a snowflake shape. Rub evenly into the dumpling dough, cover with a damp cloth táng 15 minutes kneading again (my family and dumpling dough of flour and water is usually 100: 60).
2, knead the dough strip down the board, divided into sub-agent. The sub-agent by flat surface, roll into a dumpling skin.
3, take a dumpling skin, into the middle of fillings. Pack into a crescent-shaped dumplings.
4, pot and add enough water, the fire to boil down into dumplings.
5, along with a colander soup dumplings nudge to make dumplings turn up nonstick pot until the pot of water to open up, into the bowl of cold water, and then open up even into the bowl of cold water, repeated three times.
6 until dumplings bulging belly, pressing his hand dumpling cooked quickly bounced to immediately remove and when to eat according to their own favorite dip vinegar or chili oil.




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