Carrot how to eat the most nutritious

Carrot how to eat the most nutritious
Carrots are high nutritional value of food, but if improper cooking or mismatches, which can affect the absorption of nutrients. Carrots contain a lot of carotene. Carotenoids are fat-soluble substance, only to dissolve in fats, can be transformed into vitamin A is absorbed in the small intestine mucosa role of the human body.
So, when do the carrot dish, the extra oil, together with the best fried meat. Also, do not eat raw carrots, raw carrots are not digestible and absorbed, 90% carotene is absorbed by the body because they do not directly excreted. Cooked carrots shorter time to reduce the loss of vitamin C. As long as a reasonable cooking and with the right mix, carrots are a good source of vitamin A.

Anti-cancer eating carrots so they eyesight

Did you know that carrots are one of “Six Friends of vegetables,” Six Friends of vegetables, including carrots, pumpkin, tomato, bitter gourd, garlic, black fungus. Since the carrot on the human body has many health functions, Li called the “king of vegetables.” It really poisonous carrot drinks
Carrot is now recognized worldwide as nutritional share. January 1, 1991 the European Economic Community made a resolution, the carrot as a fruit. In accordance with this resolution, when making candied carrots, carrots are called fruit.
Admittedly, carrots with high health effects and medical value, but experts have warned that the US Food: “carrot drinks” way of eating is unhealthy. Because carrots are rich in carotene and alcohol enter the body, they produce toxins in the liver, causing liver disease. Where people want to change the “carrot drinks,” the traditional way of eating, carrots should not do tapas, drinking and do not take carotene nutrients, especially after drinking carrot juice not to drink immediately, so as not to endanger health.


Carrot scrambled against ovarian cancer

Carrots, scrambled eggs can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer. Eggs are rich in minerals the body needs protein, fat, vitamins and iron, calcium, potassium, protein is nature’s best protein on the liver tissue injury repair; also rich in DHA and lecithin, egg yolk on the nervous system and physical development can be beneficial, brain puzzle, improve memory, and promote regeneration; eggs contain more vitamin B and other trace elements, can be broken down and oxidized in the human body carcinogen, has anti-cancer effect; eggs sweet natured; with uneasiness of mind, blood, yin and moistening effect.
Carrots can provide a wealth of dimension A, can promote the body’s normal growth and reproduction, maintenance of epithelial tissue, prevent respiratory infections and maintain normal vision, night blindness and dry eye disorders treatment function. While enhancing the role of the human immune system and cancer, and reduce the response to chemotherapy in cancer patients, has a protective effect on various organs.
Eggs and carrots can give the body to provide rich nutrients, studies have also said that women eating carrots can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer.
Practice: shredded carrots, green onions and cut green onion. Eggs, add a little salt, beating well. Pot of oil, a little more, add carrots and gently stir-fry, this time the pot of oil will become carrot color. The carrot Sheng, Sheng out half the oil and half left in the pot, add the eggs. Eggs began to take shape immediately placed carrots, stir-fry, sprinkle chopped green onion. The remaining half of the carrot oil into the can.


Liver eyesight drink carrot porridge

Practice: the carrot and red dates cook, eat cooked carrots, dates and soup can cure whooping cough. With carrots, rice, half a catty, add carrots and boiled into porridge for children with measles have a good effect because of a lack of vitamin A cause of “dry eye” and so on.


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