Homemade twice-cooked pork practice – how do homemade twice-cooked pork

Away from home for several months, good greedy mother’s twice-cooked pork, oh, spicy and delicious not to say that the key is fat but not greasy meat, eat meat when eating a plate of cooked pork, will be particularly satisfied, very satiety. This Road homemade twice-cooked pork, fragrant.

Ingredients: 250 g pork, tofu 1 bag (200 g), green peppers, red peppers number only, ginger, garlic, onion amount.
Spices: pepper 1 small handful, bean paste 2 tablespoons (30ML), sweet bean paste 1 tablespoon (15ML), a little soy sauce.
1, under the pot boil ginger, garlic, peppercorns, onion and water together, add the pork, cover with medium heat and simmer for 8-10 minutes.
2, remove pork, rinse with cold water, cut into thin slices. Tofu, green peppers into strips and set aside.
3, ginger garlic saute pan, add the pork slices, saute, stir-fry until golden on both sides of the pork.
4, under the sweet sauce and bean paste, flavor Stir and let the pork absorb the sauce flavor, fried under Dougan silk mix, and finally under green peppers silk, under a little sugar and soy sauce, fried green peppers silk off the fire dish edible.



Cooking tips:
1. Choose to do twice-cooked pork fat and lean pork is appropriate!
2. Cook the pork under the ginger, garlic, onion and pepper can get rid of the meat smell of urine, so that more pork meat flavor.
3. The time to cook pork over medium heat 8, 10 minutes, do not cook too long!


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