Pork practice – how do Pork

Hot summer weather, always no appetite, but now in the winter, the weather is cool, we must eat meat, do not eat all of the summer to make it up, the best is pork, and made Pork, Ruannuo delicious aroma.

Pork 900 g
Salt to taste 1 large spoon of sugar, soy sauce 2 spoons of soy sauce, cooking wine 2 green onions 1/2 spoon of ginger root garlic 1 small number of lobes anise 2 dried chili a peanut oil 50 g water amount
1. processed pork skin clean, cut into 3 cm thick long blocks


2. Put a little cool oil pot, pour sugar


3. a small fire, the fry of sugar and fried Hazel, this step is fried candy colors


4. Place the pork into the pot, stir constantly, so that each piece of meat can be tainted candy colors, and meat grease precipitation


5. Pour cooking wine, soy sauce, stir evenly


6. until the meat after the color, add all the spices, desalination outside


7. After the stir evenly, add hot water, slightly higher than the meat, cover the lid, a small fire stew for about 30 minutes


8. soup consumption under a lot, you can put the right amount of salt, cover the lid and continue to stew about 15 minutes


9. sauce, to their own satisfaction


10. pan, into the bowl



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