women are talking about learn how to cross stitch

Said this is called lichen, a middle-aged man. Ice has not thawed after the Chinese stock market, remains weak, confidence suffers, we expect 2008. 8. 8The opening day of the Beijing Olympics, I believe everything will work correctly. Lichen dressed in a black turtleneck, a man at home, he sat down at the computer at the moment. He was heavy, square face, thick-lipped, time stroking his nose on the wings, carved deep two textures if he laughed, that is, two round arcs, who is always polite to his eyes; he doesn’t like laughs, do something about seriously. When his stock value of more than 600,000, his stock is now worth about a hundred thousand of. While his wife always says comforting words in your mouth, but he was very upset. It’s Friday, he drove his daughter to school in the morning review Replica Cartier Panthere, daughter will graduate from high school, is being reviewed, ready to obtain the ideal University; his wife went to work, he didn’t want to go to the company, he told the company, telephone. He saw the stock was in a bad mood, so he turned off by the great wisdom, he wants to listen to the song. Suddenly he remembered the, had tea with friends a few days ago, surprised his friend told him: “You have white hair.” In his sideburns, has a few gray hairs playful leak out. “You do heren’t want too much stock in there, not to watch, I believe only a matter of time. “Friend Love advice. “I know that stocks always rise up. “Li himself believes. The problem is we are not saints, who are not possible. Although they are iron goddess of mercy Chinese new year tea drinking, but today he is not. He gave his friend a cigarette he lit a cigarette. Go outside and smoke from his mouth, on top of his face forming a circle, and soon became a big question mark. “I say you, you can apply for one, SINA UC, can usually see people dancing and singing can also make you forget the stock. “His friend suddenly thinks a good idea, proud of smoking a cigarette. “Do not leave, the better. “He was very curious, because he knew only in the network chat, do not know can also look at the dance space. Today, he’s not had a good time. Then, he applied for a SINA UCHis “men’s shoulders” nickname, get down on your home in. “A lot of room. “He looked at, and” love sky “, very naturally into a group called” drunken dancing flower butterfly “room. Just open, relaxed and rhythmic music, to the elegant, he came, upper right in this room, there are two Windows, you can point the video, and he had a curious point above a video, video in the posture of a gentle woman, appeared in front of him. See the head, only the dancing figure follows the rhythm of the music, this woman can dance, she was in her own home, her hands like the wings of a bird, the dancing and swaying her hips with his hands, her waist is very soft, rhythmic gently lift her legs, gently forward, like Mike. Space Dance in Jackson, was superb. Li Zhen for a long time without the pleasant feeling, suddenly, stock already forgotten all about the reality of deep, he was fascinated by beautiful woman dancing in the video. This woman dancing shook him. Then he became very curious about what this woman looked like. Woman in a purple sweater, jeans, an exaggerated belt buckle has not forgotten, buttons that gigantic, gleaming silver. As she danced, women’s trousers and a sweater when the distance between open her abdomen when, very dizzy eyes. Li carefully watched the woman’s nickname called “Arabian Nights”. So he left her sentence: “watch you dance. “A coincidence, the woman jumped out, now she shows her face, it’s beautiful. She said to him: “Thank you friends are flowers, give the ‘ beautiful ‘ wheat. “The finished video switching, is another wearWoman dancing in a Red Sweater, her accompaniment is Indian song, he couldn’t see the “Arabian Nights”. “Thank you friends. “Suddenly, he saw a few words that appear under the room. Belonging to the private chat. He was very excited. Answer immediately. “The brilliant dance likes you, my friend. “” Award. “Li ordered an image shakes hands with her. She returned to him in a cup of coffee right away the image. Two people in the room and go to the chat room immediately Tip: Talk, add friends, you can enjoy chatting. Li happily adds up, immediately accepted by the Arabian nights. Two people come to me with you, polite. Accompanied by daughters learn dance since they had eight years of experience, lichen and the “Arabian Nights” talk about dance, dance terminology can also be used to talk to two people talk very easily. Easy time goes really fast, “Arabian Nights” hit the words: “My friends, I would like to, too. “Li, a watch, just 11:30. He returned at once: “It’s nice to meet you, and the one we talk, 886. “So, both had done. “Well, I feel worthy. “Li did not expect on UCNot only pleasure myself in the mood, there is an unexpected bonus, tell him that the “Arabian Nights”, his “fantasy” quite impressed. Lunch time, he drank a little wine, his wife the way he pleased, thought it said it was a stock up. “Today, so happy hasn’t seen you drunk if our stock trading? “Cocked his head and smiled and asked his wife. “No, according to this logic, our stock is not traded, I cannot drink, right? “Li chopsticks was carrying a fish, pulled up in the air. Two round arcs on his face again, he laughed. His wife scowled when he smiled, he gave his horse the fish, put in his bowl. “Honey, you are jovial, I am at ease, never shares were mixed, and hurt your body. “Li to hear his wife says that feels warm from head down, very comfortable. Afternoon, his wife went to work together, Li gave his company calls, said his home, will not go, what things the company, telephone contact is OK. He tried to be “Arabian Nights”. So he landed and SINA UCAnd skilled into the “drunk dancing flower butterfly” room. He immediately saw the familiar nickname in the upper left corner of the room, the original “Arabian Nights” or the room’s pipe. Li felt a thrill of pleasure. He and the “Arabian Nights” got chatting together. Chatting about their topics, from dance to more extended to. They chat, no words not on, two people Zhijian topic very speculation, both are has brief encounter of meaning, may this is people often said of Word: “fate” since two people is hit it off, they Zhijian of topic on increasingly easily, they on they their to had place, Exchange tourism in the of pleasure, last two people are on Yunnan of Lijiang, has strongly of resonance. “Oh, that’s a good place, I would wish also to have the opportunity to play. “” Arabian Nights “comes to Lijiang as soon as praise. “All set, we can go swimming. “Li proposal, he thought it was a fine opportunity. “You can. “And they had an appointment, once the” Arabian Nights “are free, they can immediately suppose to do it. Li Zhennan mind, “Arabian Nights” replaced the Green fantasy stock market, chat between him and her are all fun, them by UCOut of the room, straight to come with two people and the world. When Li and the “Arabian Nights” when requested video, it was the done thing, everything is very natural, as if the apples are ripe will naturally fall. In the video of “Arabian Nights”, generous, charming, brow, all people to stay. “You are so handsome. “Li says admiringly. Screen in the “Arabian Nights”, smiled. “Brother praises me, thank you”. “Arabian Nights” face flushed. Luzon was moved, smiled. “You are so gorgeous, people really like. “Stocks are struggling to advance a few months, has long passed over. “The brother is bad, is it true. Men are like this? “” Arabian Nights “Goo-Goo eyes over. “I stated that it was from the heart, beauty is in the eye, not fake. “Li said seriously. “Brother, I’m single. You are you? “” The Arabian Nights “is like a spoiled brat. “You are unattached, too. “Li blurted out without thinking Ballon Bleu de Cartier Replica Watches. Just tell, he deeply regrets. “Good, my brother. We have fate. “” Arabian Nights “immediately excited. “That’s, that is. “Having said so, lichen hearts just a little bit of that, say what flavor. In the video, “Arabian Nights” as a happy child, “brother, wait, let me cross stitch piece that I learned these days, feast your eyes. “She said the flash. For a moment, she appeared in the video, her hands she said works, which are now across popular cross stitch; women are talking about learn how to cross stitch, her hand was Van Gogh’s sunflowers, and a painting is a pair. Federalist’s delicate, expectations of women, a woman’s soft, her cross-stitch work, reflect incisively, literally. “OK, OK. “Li serious appreciation of her work, is enjoying her bamboo shoots slender white fingers. #P# subtitle #e# “I want to be, you will be forwarded to me? “At this time, Li has two curved arcs appear deeper. “Arabian Nights” listening to him that ask immediately smiled and said: “This is my masterpiece, I just don’t give you, brother. Hey is hey. “She smiles like the West Lake Park Open Lotus Flower. “Well, see, I’m not going take the one you love. “Li suddenly remembered something,” What’s your name? Fantasy Sisters. “” Well, you told me the Arabian nights, and asked my name hehe. “” Arabian Nights “pursed smile. “Brother, you tell my sister, your name is? “She is very… “Well, I’ll get to tell you. “Li lit a cigarette and took a bite. “You can give me a call Uncle Li. Call an audible, candy. “Li as if he had returned to the teenager. “You, Lee, uncle, brother, good or bad. “In the video, she made a shooting gesture with his hand. “Pa—Pa. “” HA, I told my brother and I the name of many exacting hobbyist hours, you called me a shadow and shadow do you, okay? “Many exacting hobbyist hours cocked his head and looked Li. Li listened to very favorable, laughing. “My shadow is good. I like it. “Video lichen many exacting hobbyist hours two people very happy, seat of the parties to one another, one in Northern Tianjin, the other in the south is a town in southern Hunan province. Starting from their video for the first time, their unoccupied time caring about it. Li recently occupied, daughter to go to College, to select the ideal school, he and his wife united by, after all, only one baby girl. Her daughter’s dream was to pass the Beijing Dance Academy, which is the first choice, second choice is which, everyone still unfunded, wife to Lee really checks for Internet access, Li the gloriousBy the task. So he wandered over the network, it’s really quite simple, China’s largest city, is nothing less than Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan, Dalian, this is dancer desire of the city. Because the city Academy, learn to dance, you will gain, and society more to eat well. However, Li and his wife want their baby daughter can go to adopt the Beijing Dance Academy. His one after smoking a cigarette, online college admission advertisements is very nice to say, Lee wouldn’t have believed it. He wanted to film, he landed, sees the nickname Xiao Fang image, but is white, nicknamed Fang is the many exacting hobbyist hours, she isn’t what she was busy, he is not known. One night. Li and his wife took my daughter to the teacher’s House, because it was special treatment, spend some money to give teachers more coaching his daughter, 11, and his wife were to pick up the baby daughter, teacher Li couples: “you can look at the Tianjin, Wuhan, where teachers and learning environment is very good, the flexibility is good. “Teachers like their daughter, and optimistic about their daughter’s future will be promising. “You said two, so thank you for your advice. “Li’s wife is moved. Li kept nodding. After returning home, lichen wife on the bed and said to him: “You, our baby if you do not pass the Beijing Dance Academy, the Dance Institute is quite good. OK? “The wife’s hand said, touching his chest. “Tianjin? School of Dance?. “And he immediately thought of many exacting hobbyist hours, there will be no coincidence, when his daughter, really go to Tianjin Institute of dance, so he can see stunning natural leaf and disappeared. Thought of it, hisHeart beat faster. “Do you agree? My dear. “This is the customary language of wife in bed. “You really mention Tianjin, you feel so excited, and jump so high. “The wife’s head on his chest. Li to hear his wife says, impatient: “where, say, Tianjin is good. “He was holding the head of the wife,” well. We go to bed. “With that, down the quilt up. Haven’t many exacting hobbyist hours of video, and Li still has some worries. Just this day is Sunday, accompanied by his wife daughter review of the teacher’s house, he drove home, then immediately turned on the computer and on the. “Coincidentally, today you are in. “Li saw many exacting hobbyist hours, heart happy. “Hello, long time no sees you. “He was sentenced to a handshake image. “Thank you, think I’m blameless. “Many exacting hobbyist hours immediately responded. Li quickly video, click on the connection, videos of many exacting hobbyist hours of smiling. “My Shadow, you can tell me your cell phone number, I sometimes do not have Internet access, you can send information to you. “Li requests very seriously. “I won’t tell you, you have things to say. “Many exacting hobbyist hours are very charming. “Also said was my shadow, even the phone number does not tell me that, that have a shadow? “He frowned. “The brother does not love me, right? “Shadow blinked her large eyes looked straight at him. “Yes, I just fell in love with you. “Li is a blurted out, despite the fact that he says he is relaxed, he thought two people were poking fun at and not so serious, his word this easily, but made many exacting hobbyist hours cannot be confused. She shut down the video, dead silence. Lizzy realized at this time flipping feelIs like many exacting hobbyist hours of chat, but to love each other on the height, he is not sure, he was. Immediately play a few words: “I like you. “Li thinks this is on a network, the network is virtual, he and she could not have genuine feelings will probably not find a story, she in Tianjin, there is no coincidence to happen. So, he also followed their feelings, because stocks, as her daughter’s College, because his small company development is difficult, many things confused, they and many exacting hobbyist hours chat, smoke. So he really liked many exacting hobbyist hours, she is his joy, he has numerous curious about her, as if he was curious about the network. Screens of various exacting hobbyist hours did not answer him, still silent. When she heard from Li that loves her, she felt overwhelmed. Lichen wife called and told him to drive to take them home. So. Li Zhen, lay: “shadows, I have something to the next, take good care of yourself, my cell phone number is 138……, if you have something, please throw me a message Replica Cartier Necklaces, thanks. “He is however much exacting hobbyist hours answer, cannot turn off the computer and go pick his wife and daughter. It was May 12 days. Li went to the company this morning, the company’s business, he came back home. Wife and daughter came home at noon. His wife quickly prepared meals, a family happy meal. Because of the hot weather outside, in the open air


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