The piling takes 110 volts and uses a step-down

A dock piling that has a place to Lauderdale International Boat Show looking for gadgets for both my Powerboat Magazine column, and of course, for the Daily Giz Wiz. At one exhibit I found a brand new product called Tunes It from a company called Tuff Dock Systems. This company offers specially compounded PVC pilings engineered and manufactured to be rugged and to resist the rugged marine environment. In addition to making normal PVC pilings they offer coordinated dock pilings of the same durable material that can hide all sorts of dock accessories. They make pilings with built-in lighting; one designed to hold a coiled water hose or even a fire extinguisher. The newest addition to the Tuff Dock line is called Dock Tunes. Dock Tunes is a place on your dock to dock your iPod. (And they might be one of the only company that didn use the lowercase in the name of their product!) Dock Tunes consists of two PVD dock pilings. One side has a cover that lifts off so you can dock your iPod. That same piling contains a 20-watt amplifier and a 6 Poly-Planar 3-way speaker. The other PVC piling contains another 6 Poly-Planar Speaker The piling takes 110 volts and uses a step-down transformer to convert it the proper voltage for charging your iPod. You need to run the included speaker wire from one piling to the other to have stereo music on the dock. The docking station charges your iPod and the system comes with remote control. It expected to be about $600 for a pair. (Hey it a MARINE gadget!) There was nothing on the company website about Dock Tunes since it was brand new and I asked them to get something up there quickly. When I went back to their website they had an icon that says: Dock Tunes! And when I clicked it –it came back to my website! I expect them to have new info up there soon Cartier Ballon Bleu.


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